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Best Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet case (so far)

June 28, 2011


So I tried both Belkin’s Slim Folio case as well as Samsung’s Book Cover for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.   While the belkin case probably does a little bit better job at cushioning the tablet if it were to drop, the samsung case is miles ahead of the belkin in the over all fit and feel.  I actually like the tablet in the case with samsung’s.  Whereas with the belkin case I always wanted to take it out.  The Samsung case cost about 20 bucks more but is well worth it. 

It also keeps the tablet feeling relatively thin. And that’s important since it is the thinnest tablet that exists (yes, even thinner than the iPad 2).

I will continue to try out other cases and report back if I find anything better.

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